Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 35

Stress Transformation II

Learning outcomes

This Course:
    1. Given an input state of stress, properly construct Mohr’s Circle (include: sigma axis, tau axis, tau sign convention, units, point for x with coordinates, point for y with coordinates, labeled and computed center coordinate, labeled and computed radius, labeled and computed maximum planar shear stress, and labeled and computed principal stresses).
    2. Given a Mohr’s Circle, construct stress elements that are aligned to the input state of stress, the principal stresses, the maximum in-plane shear stress, and a specified angle theta.
    3. Recognize that all angles in Mohr’s Circle equal twice the rotations in real life (on the stress element, stress cube, or FBD).
    4. Recognize the significance and importance of the principal stresses and the maximum in-plane shear stress.
    5. Recognize that Mohr’s Circle is nothing more than a visualization of the stress transformation equations.

In-Class Notes

LE35 Stress Transformation II.pdf


HW35 Stress Transformation II.pdf


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