Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 11

Shear and Moment Diagrams I

Learning outcomes

Statics Review:
  • Memorize and apply the sign conventions for internal shear force and internal bending moment.
  • Graphically integrate the load function to construct the shear diagram for a simply-supported beam.
  • Graphically integrate the shear function to construct the moment diagram for a simply-supported beam.
This Course:
    1. Gain fluency, speed, and accuracy in constructing shear and moment diagrams for simply-supported beams.
Note: I previously taught an additional learning outcome in this course: Apply principles of superposition to shear and moment diagrams. Due to time constraints, and need to reinforce fundamentals from Statics, I no longer teach this method in this course. Civil Engineering students will learn this in upper-level courses.

In-Class Notes

LE11 Shear and Moment Diagrams I.pdf


HW11 Shear and Moment Diagrams I.pdf


Shear and moment diagrams in Mechanics of Materials is a review of material you were taught in Statics. If you struggled with this topic in Statics, need a review, or would like to see the way I teach it in my Statics course, please spend some time working through: 

Shear and Moment Diagrams

Shear and Moment Diagrams - Infographic