Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 17

Beam Stresses IV

Learning outcomes

    1. Explain the relationship between transverse shear stress and internal shear force.
    2. Given the direction of an internal shear force, illustrate the direction of the shear stresses on a stress cube or a stress element.
    3. Explain where shear stresses are at a maximum, and where they are equal to zero.
    4. Given the direction of an internal shear force, determine the neutral axis (axis of bending).
    5. Compute transverse shear stress at any point and illustrate it on a stress cube or stress element.
    6. Illustrate the distribution of shear stress on a 2D transverse plane, computing and labeling key values.
    7. Determine (x, y, z) locations of maximum shear stress in a beam.

In-Class Notes

LE17 Beam Stresses IV.pdf


HW17 Beam Stresses IV.pdf


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