Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 19

Beam Deflection II

Learning outcomes

This Course:
    1. Understand the apply the sign convention for v(x), beam deflection; and θ(x), beam slope.
    2. Recognize that θ(x) equals dv/dx.
    3. Mathematically, and in your own words, explain the relationship between bending moment and beam curvature.
    4. Understand the relationship between the center of curvature, the radius of curvature, and the curvature itself.
    5. Memorize and apply the governing differential equation for beam deflections.
    6. Write the equation of the elastic curve for determinate beams using the integration method.
    7. Identify the number of constraint or boundary conditions equations that are required to solve for the constants of integration.
    8. Write out the constraint or boundary condition equations.
    9. Count (tally) the total number of moment equations or functions for a beam.

In-Class Notes

LE19 Beam Deflection II.pdf


HW19 Beam Deflection II.pdf