Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 05

Poisson's Ratio & Hooke's Law

Learning outcomes

    1. Explain how Poisson's Ratio affects material behavior.
    2. Given a material's Poisson's Ratio, compute lateral (or secondary) strains and deformations.
    3. Relate Poisson's Ratio to the Modulus of Elasticity (Young's Modulus) and Shear Modulus (Modulus of Rigidity) for isotropic materials.
    4. Use the 3D formulation of Hooke's Law to compute strains and deformations for uni-axial, bi-axial, and tri-axial states of stress.

In-Class Notes

LE05 Poisson's Ratio and Hooke's Law (3D) .pdf


HW05 Poisson's Ratio and Hooke's Law (3D).pdf