Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 18

Beam Deflection I

Learning outcomes

Statics Review:
  • Write M(x) equations for beams using the equations of equilibrium.
This Course:
    1. Interpret the differential equation that relates the internal bending moment function, M(x), to the equation for beam deflections, v(x).
    2. Recognize that pins, rollers, and fixed connections constrain v=0.
    3. Recognize that a fixed connection constrains dv/dx = 0.
    4. Distinguish between capital V(x) for shear force and lowercase v(x) for vertical deflections.
    5. Qualitatively construct v(x), deflection of a beam.

In-Class Notes

LE18 Beam Deflection I.pdf


HW18 Beam Deflection I.pdf