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My name is Susan Reynolds.Educated in engineering, design, and liberal arts, I am a generalist who enjoys exploring complex ideas from varied perspectives. With roughly 10 years of combined practice as a structural engineer and as an architect, I have accrued expertise in historic preservation and archaic construction techniques.My teaching portfolio includes computational classes, design/project-based classes, active-learning / flipped classes, reading-intensive seminar-style classes, writing-intensive classes, hand graphics, and computer-aided graphics.During the academic year, I am a Teaching Professor at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. During the summer, I serve as Visiting Summer Professor at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.I am passionate about teaching and about neurodiversity. Currently, my academic interests are positioned at the intersection of evidence-based teaching practices and neurodivergent teaching and learning styles.

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I post my work online under a Creative Commons license because I am passionate about sharing my ideas and work with the broader teaching and learning community.Please feel free to use my materials in your course, provided you cite me as the author/creator of these original works. Simply paste the text in the footer below into your course materials.If you teach any of these topics and want to connect, please get in touch! I am always looking for collaborators that are passionate about teaching and Open Educational Resources (OERs).