Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 22

Torsion I

Learning outcomes

Statics Review:
  • Use the equations of equilibrium to solve for unknown torque reactions.
This Course:
    1. Explain the concept of torsion in your own words.
    2. Differentiate between torques and moments.
    3. Use the right-hand-rule to identify the sign convention of a single torque, and express it in double-arrow notation.
    4. Memorize and apply the sign convention for INTERNAL torque (in double-arrow notation).
    5. Sketch the distribution of torsional shear stress on a cross-sectional plane.  Compare and contrast the kinematics (movement hypothesis) of axial members, beams, and shafts, referring to the phrase “plane sections remain plane.”
    6. Visualize torsional deformation in terms of cross-sectional rotations and longitudinal lines on the shaft’s surface. 

In-Class Notes

LE22 Torsion I.pdf


HW22 Torsion I.pdf