Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 01 

Average Normal Stress

Learning outcomes

Statics Review:
  • Understand and apply the sign conventions for internal N, V, and M.
  • Understand and apply the equations of equilibrium (E.o.E.).
  • Construct a FBD that includes a theoretical cutting plane.
This Course:
    1. Explain the concept of stress.
    2. Identify the two simple stresses.
    3. Memorize and apply the equation and sign convention for average normal stress.
    4. Memorize common units for force per area (Pa, kPa, MPa, GPa, psi, and ksi).
    5. Illustrate the distribution of average normal stress on a plane.
    6. Illustrate average normal stress at a point on a 2D stress element and a 3D stress cube.

In-Class Notes

LE01 Average Normal Stress.pdf


HW01 Average Normal Stress.pdf


TT01-c Method of Sections - Axial Member PDF.pdf