Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 04

Shear Stress and Strain

Learning outcomes

This Course:
    1. Explain how shear stress differs from normal stress.
    2. Sketch the characteristic shape of stress cubes subjected to normal stress and to shear stress.
    3. Understand that the presence of any one shear stress correlates to three shear stresses on other planes.
    4. Memorize and apply the tricky sign convention (and subscripts) for shear stress; illustrate shear stress on a stress cube or stress element.
    5. Apply computational relationships between shear stress, shear strain, and the shear modulus.
    6. Given a deformed, sheared, plane, compute the shear strain by using angular measurements.

In-Class Notes

LE04 Shear Stress and Strain.pdf


HW04 Shear Stress and Strain.pdf