Mechanics of Materials

Lesson 0

Effective Communication

Learning outcomes

  1. Distinguish between loading diagrams and free-body diagrams.
  2. Write equations three times: symbolically, numerically (with units and signs), and the numeric solution (with units and signs).
  3. Write sigmas that do not look like thetas.
  4. Always use leading zeroes in decimals.
  5. Write down four significant figures in intermediate steps; report solutions to three.
  6. Use engineering notation in intermediate steps; as possible, use prefixes in answers.
  7. Place numbers into equations (or inequality statements); avoid floating numeric expressions.
  8. Make liberal use of commentary (and be sure to comment on probable errors).
  9. Present neat, legible, and well-organized written work.

In-Class Notes

LE00 Effective Communication.pdf


HW00 Effective Communication.pdf